Educational Outreach

Educational Outreach

Friends of Cave Creek Canyon is very excited to introduce a program on educating children on science and nature through visits to Cave Creek Canyon.

Many neighbors have been going to local schools and doing wonderful work with schoolchildren for years.  The Southwestern Research Station has also been working with Tucson schools for years.  The FoCCC would like to participate in this, by bringing classes from the schools in Apache, Douglas, Willcox, San Simon, Lordsburg, and Animas to the canyon on a regular basis.

A “test run” was conducted  in January with the 3rd and 4th graders from Animas, some of the home schooled children, as well as teachers and parents.  It was amazingly successful. The children learned about native Americans, invertebrates, solar flares and sunspots, birds and frogs, had a visit up in the canyon, and ended with guided tours in the Desert Museum.  The FoCCC helped organize the day, and has received a grant to help with transportation costs.

Many people in the community with different talents and backgrounds have expressed enthusiasm for getting children here and exposing them to nature and possible careers involving the outdoors and natural history.  So many children today have never seen or even imagined what we are so fortunate to live with.  We would like to share the possibilities with these children.

NEWS! There is an exciting development which will make children’s education here even better:  Jeanne Williams is planning a Nature and Education Center for Children on her property. Among the first things to be developed may be a pit house and wickiup, so children can experience what life was like here long ago!