Heritage Days

Heritage Days

Heritage Days 2020 Canceled

Dear Chiricahua-Peloncillo neighbors,

To keep our communities safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic, Friends of Cave Creek Canyon Board of Directors has unanimously decided to cancel Heritage Days 2020 events scheduled for Sept. 12-13. We’ll look forward to a continuation of the event in 2021.
Have a safe summer!
Kim Vacariu
Friends of Cave Creek Canyon

About Heritage Days

Heritage Days Mission

The mission of “Chiricahua–Peloncillo Heritage Days” is to educate and inspire local citizens in understanding the important role that flora, fauna, water and open space play in the health of the Chiricahua–Peloncillo Mountain community, and to highlight the interdependent connection that exists between our natural heritage and the cultural heritage in that region.

Heritage Days Approach

To accomplish its mission, Heritage Days mixes expert presentations on landscape health, conservation, local culture, and regional history with a simultaneous on-site crafts fair/famers market and great locally-prepared food, including a purchasable buffet-style lunch.

Heritage Days Sponsorships

Heritage Days events are brought to you by the Portal, Arizona, non-profit organization Friends of Cave Creek Canyon. Additional support for the event is generated through collaboration with local and regional volunteers and businesses and through private donations.

Heritage Days Schedule and Promotion

Heritage Days attracts participation by the local and regional community. Events at the Geronimo Event Center feature a special Keynote address and talks by 8 professional speakers, a large covered Farmer’s Market and Crafts Fair, and a Field Day with interpretive site tours and Free Film Showings. Most attendees are residents of southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico, and the event is promoted via news releases to regional media and through direct-mail to 1,000 regional residents.


Kim Vacariu, Heritage Days Director.  Phone 520-390-3969. Email <kimvac at vtc doc net>

Speakers & Activities at past Heritage Days events

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